Who is Full Circle Discovery?

Full Circle Discovery is a social enterprise with Ms. Cynthia Contie as the sole proprietor. Founded with the aim of sharing insights about the wonders and healing powers of nature and how this applies to our daily lives, organizations and communities, Full Circle Discovery facilitates learning events and communications for non-profit organizations, businesses, community organizations, groups of interested individuals, and municipalities.

Cynthia Contie

With a lifelong fascination for how we develop as individuals and how we evolve for the better in our social groups of society, Cynthia earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education and Curriculum Design, with a minor in Earth Studies and Sustainability. Following a heart’s calling toward nature and animal well being, Cynthia focused her Masters on transformative, experiential learning in sustainability, with principles of holistic health and healing as a guide.

From years involved in the arts, Cynthia endeavors to bring creative, interactive, hands-on activities to Full Circle classes and study circles to help open doors to imagination and discovery.

Her heroes are Rachel Carson, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson to name a few.

A Note from Cynthia:

Welcome to Full Circle Discovery! I hope you will find here topics of interest, and perhaps discover an event you would like to join, or take a look at the blog where there will be stories and educational articles and event announcements.

While the world brings us so many challenges, so too does it bring us ways to step into health and healing. This can empower us to better face today’s challenges, and prevail with grace. We cannot stop all the difficult things in life or in the world, but we can explore ways we can empower ourselves to enhance our well-being and even help bring healing to our world. I hope to share such awakening and empowering opportunities forward with the classes and writings offered through Full Circle Discovery. Welcome!